As you know, we spent two years campaigning for the City Council to allow Bikes in Bus Lanes which turned out to be a great success. It helped to free up congestion and was a lot safer for us Riders than sitting in a queue of traffic waiting to be rear-ended or being knocked off as we filter between the queues. Unfortunately with new Council Leaders in place after Local Elections, it looks like we are set for the removal of ALL Bus Lanes in Coventry. Our new Council Leader thinks it’s a great idea to remove the them altogether – “it worked in Liverpool”.

We at Coventry Riders Action Group are dismayed at this decision and we are looking into what can be done to reverse the decision and we will let you know as soon as possible if there is anything that can be done.

In the meantime we ask that you contact your Local Representative on the City Council to register your disapproval Please take a look here and follow the online instructions – www.writetothem.com

Welcome to our website. We hope to populate the website with lots of information about our Campaigns, events, ride outs, rallies, parties and our Charitable work. We also hope to have a Gallery with lots of pictures of our antics. This is our first attempt at creating our own website so bear with us as we are bound to make mistakes and will probably change the whole look of the site before we are happy. If you have any ideas or requests or would just like some information please fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We’re a chatty lot and make good use of Social Media via our Facebook page, come on over and give us a like. Cheers Ian.P.

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