Coventry Riders Action Group was formed in November 2014. The group was originally called Coventry MAG which had been in existence since November 2010 and was part of the UK wide riders’ rights organisation the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) within the Warwickshire Region.

Due to differences of opinion with some of the decisions made by the Directors and National Committee of the Motorcycle Action Group, it was decided we could no longer support the Organisation. With a heavy heart we chose to disband Coventry MAG and form a new, totally independent group – Coventry Riders Action Group (RAG).

During our time as Coventry MAG we had some great successes and really made a difference to the lives of local Riders while also raising funds for some local Charities…


September the 25th saw one of the largest countrywide protests held by over 45,000 Bikers from all over the UK. Taking to the countries Motorways and travelling at 45 mph in the inside lane it was hoped we could raise awareness of restrictive new legislation coming from Europe for Motorcycles. We were heavily involved in the organisation of the protest in our area which was a great success and helped to repel some of the crap coming our way. It isn’t over yet and the fight continues.


We were instrumental in helping to provide brand new free Bike Parking within the Redeveloped and Pedestrianised Bull Yard area in Coventry City Centre. In October 2011 we were made aware of a possible loss of free Bike Parking in the City Centre, parking facilities had always been there for Bikes but there had been no consultations with local Bikers and we couldn’t find any plans for a new Bike park so we contacted the City Council. They were very responsive and after providing them with plans, ideas and contacts, we were able to ensure a new Bike park would be built bigger and better than before. The Free Bike Parking facilities were officially opened on the 29th June 2012.




Throughout 2012 we raised funds for Sent From Coventry. Phil Baylis and his son Philip planned to visit all the cities twinned with Coventry in Europe with the aim of raising funds for the Myton Hospice, a Charity very dear to Phil’s heart. We held breakfast runs, had our main event Sent2Coventry and did various raffles helping us to raise £800 for the cause. In the end Sent From Coventry raised over £16000 for the Myton and we all attended the cheque handover on 3rd November.




Coventry Riders Action Group was formally inaugurated at our first Annual General Meeting on 11th January 2015 where members unanimously voted in a new constitution and new start.

The challenges remain the same, the members remain the same and our commitments to protecting our rights remain the same.