As you know, we spent two years campaigning for the City Council to allow Bikes in Bus Lanes which turned out to be a great success. It helped to free up congestion and was a lot safer for us Riders than sitting in a queue of traffic waiting to be rear-ended or being knocked off as we filter between the queues. Unfortunately with new Council Leaders in place after Local Elections, it looks like we are set for the removal of ALL Bus Lanes in Coventry. Our new Council Leader thinks it’s a great idea to remove the them altogether – “it worked in Liverpool”.

We at Coventry Riders Action Group are dismayed at this decision and we are looking into what can be done to reverse the decision and we will let you know as soon as possible if there is anything that can be done.

In the meantime we ask that you contact your Local Representative on the City Council to register your disapproval Please take a look here and follow the online instructions –


potholeWe all know how dangerous pot holes can be but how many of us actually report a pot hole? How do we report a pot hole? and who to?… well it appears the Government have a website containing details of how to make a report and who to. Just enter your postcode and you’ll be directed to the relevant authority. Check it out by clicking here…

For Coventry roads click here… or use the information provided below.

Coventry City Council Customer Services

Open 8am-8pm Mon to Fri, and 9am-1pm Sat. Excluding bank holidays.


Tel: 0500 834 333

Fax: 024 7629 4413

Mobile friendly 024 7683 4333

Emergency out-of-hours 024 7683 2222





Bikers should aspire to be the best rider they can be! Passing your motorcycle test doesn’t mean you’ve learnt everything there is to know about riding, rather riders should consider it as the first step in a continual learning curve. The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is the next step on that curve. Check it out here.



geton_logo (1)Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul…

One of our Principle aims is to promote the riding and safety of Motorcycles and Scooters and everybody has to start somewhere. If you’re thinking about learning to ride a Motorcycle or a Scooter or maybe you’re getting back into it after a long lay-off take a look here… 

Get On is the motorcycle industry campaign aimed at providing you with everything you need to know about getting your licence to ride the motorcycle or scooter of your dreams. Their website contains all you need to know about getting on two wheels from Licencing to Training schools, clothing, Insurance and more, everything you need to know all in one place.