Not only do we have a love for our bikes we also have a love for good music!

Welcome to our Band page…


The main attraction at most of our fundraising events are the Bands that play for us. All of them give their talents for free in the knowledge that it’s all for a good cause. Organised by our very own ‘Music Man’ – Col Hughes – Rhythm & Lead Guitarist in Malias (he’s so good at what he does we adopted him). Below are some of the Bands that have Graced our stage with their presence. Take a look, follow the links and show them your support, Cheers! 

11006416_873171596039085_5989218572278697923_nARAMANTUS – Playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry – Formed in 2013, Aramantus are a Progressive Groove Metal band from the heart of the UK… Members: Alice Bates Drums, Lou Walker Vocals, Jake Elwell Guitar, Elijah Storer Guitar and Cici Powell Bass.

10991178_373983532726125_7768242061790956846_nDARK HORSES – Four experienced musicians from coventry revisiting Rock & Blues Classics from the 60’s through to the present day… David provides powerful main vocals – solid guitar, bass and drums from Sam, Gordon and Nick complete the line-up.

66918_1395044204043769_231471069_nDUB JAM FORCE – Dub Jam Force are a Punk/Rock/Ska/Dub band based in Coventry… Vocals/LoFi Guitar – Fred Waight, Vocals/HiNoize Guitar – Tom Harris, Vocals/Fat Bass – Tommy Sedated, PercussionThumping/Drums – James Pedley.

544949_1546048948960544_5781312802630422044_nFILTHY MONEY – Formed in April 2014 from members of several leading Coventry rock acts and playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry. Hard Hitting Rock and Metal covers… David Seeley – Lead Vocals, Tony Lowe – Guitar, Johnny Kingham – Guitar Backing Vocals, Jonny Worsley – Bass Backing Vocals, James Bricknell – Drums Backing Vocals.

10404260_288143904729165_8139700658905922897_nFIRENADO – A four piece metal band from Coventry – Combining elements of old school and modern thrash and groove metal with a hint of death metal… Adam Darlison vox and lead guitar, Matt Prior vox and bass, John Morley rhythm guitar, James Delieu drums.


FOUR FLOORS OF WHORES – “Were a Metal band from Coventry, they made A LOT of noise… We liked it!” – Vocals – Carl Marshall, Lee Doughty – Guitars & Gas, Paul Bielby – Guitars, Dane Germouse – Thunder, John Campbell – Hits stuff hard with trees.

320800_10150269516567447_7112882_nFROM EMBERS RISE – From Embers Rise were a ‘melodic metal’ band from Coventry… John Campbell: Drums, Lee Doughty: Guitars, Craig Faulkner: Guitars + vocals, Lee-Anthony New: Bass.


THE MIGHTY GATECRASHER – “Not just another rock band…” – Hailing from Nottingham, Gatecrasher are a great rally band playing classic rock covers.

644426_628745503807830_1269136240_nKIRIKAI – A Rock, Grunge, Alternative influenced band from Coventry. KiriKai are… Ant – Rhythm guitar and main vocals, Andy ‘G’ – Lead guitar, Andy E – Bass and backing vocals and D on Drums.

252184_10150279260826168_5936373_nLIPSHOCK – “Trashy, hook-laden rock n’ roll”… Lipshock were a 5-piece rock n’ roll band hailing from Coventry… Sadly no more. Peanut – Vocals, Mikk – Bass, Johnny – Guitar, Wurzul – Guitar, Woodsy – Drums.                                                                                                

10492158_691754877559073_8884198862943098516_nMALIAS – A 5 piece Rock/Metal band from Coventry… James Bricknell – Drums & Backing Vocals, Mikk Cooper – Bass, Tony Lowe – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Col Hughes – Rhythm & Lead Guitar, David Seeley – Lead Vocals.

542040_389681451124087_1698502885_nMONOCHROME STATE – A Funk-glam-progressive-metal band sadly no longer playing! Featuring… Aman, Rich, Jonny, Woody and Rhys.


11041789_869994486375943_6135103157699712901_nOCTOGOTH and the Plastic Tupperware band – An experimental audio and visual statement of Psycho Pop! Octogoth are… Octo – Evil Basstard, Goth – Frontman Extraordinaire, The Plastic Tupperware Band are: Bin Delieu – Rubbish Drummer, White Shadow – Legendary Guitarsonist and McBurtis – Keys.

252561_470773789621497_1650113851_n - CopyROUGH EDGES – A rock covers duo from Coventry playing classic hits from the ages featuring one of our own members – Dave ‘White Trash’ Foster and Ian Bradford.



SHOT DOWN ZED – Playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry An original, four piece rock band inspired by a wide range of styles and musicians. A British, classic rock style with a hint of blues and southern American rock… Gary Brittain – Vocals, Lewis Concannon – Guitar, Dominic Mcavera – Drums, Nick Harrison – Bass Guitar.

11038733_1585764471666773_2251408174945277824_nSUPERHOOCH –  Playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry. Garage Rock & Stoner Blues grooves from the heart of the U.K… Jonny Worsley – Lead Vocals, Chris Worsley – Guitar / Backing Vocals, Johnny Kingham – Guitar / Backing Vocals, Steve Clarke – Bass / Backing Vocals, Peanut Marshall – Drums / Backing Vocals.

76629_462988487080254_5318836_nTHE ARMY OF SKANKS – Punk rock warrior women with our man Whippet on drums. Punk Rockers and Biker-chicks from Coventry. Old skool, melodic Punk Rock with ballsy attitude… Tracey Skarzynska, Carol Lane, Wendy Seenan, Jess Timms, & Whippet-Terry Downes.

BF LOGOTHE BAD FLOWERS – a Rock & Roll/Alternative band with an edge: fresh, exciting, epic rock at it’s very best and playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry. Comprising of three friends from the Midlands… Tom lead guitar/lead vocals, Dale bass/backing vocals and Karl drums.   

10653883_375533249263272_2831133340872034210_nTHE UNKNOWN ROAD – Four individuals from various different musical styles (punk,rock & blues ) slowly blend together… that’s The UNKNOWN ROAD – Steve Farrelly Singer, Pete Rupik Lead Guitar, Samson Thorpe Drummer & Adele Smith Bass guitar.

380747_10150683253403546_395275486_nTHE 3RD DEGREE – A 4 piece punk rock band from coventry with influences from all music over the last decade and playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry…. John Strike –  vocals, Andy Sunter – Bass, Greg Sangster – Drums, Adam Scriven – Guitar.

1459324_358492254287582_1271876926_nVENGEFUL ATONEMENT – Playing for us for the first time at this years Sent2Coventry. A hard rock – heavy metal band from Coventry formed in 2013… Andrew Percival – Lead Vocals, James Moore – Drums, Robert Sawyer – Guitar, Craig Mawston – Guitar & Liam Brain – Bass.